Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yo Ho Ho!

After her Dora party last year, Tink had some very specific requests for her Jake and the Neverland Pirates party this year. If you don't have little ones, it's a cute show on Disney loosely based on Peter Pan. There's even a girl pirate! I had to reel her ideas in just a little, but for the most part was able to go along and plan a really fun fourth birthday party.
 Welcome to my party, matey!
 Pirate ship food table (including Chick fil a, as requested)
 Outdoor Pirate Games - digging for treasure
 Blasting Captain Hook with "cannonball" water balloons
 Walking the plank
 Newspaper swords
 Picnic lunch
 This is, apparently, how pirates eat fruit :)
 The grand finale of the day - a purple princess bicycle!
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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