Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We truly enjoyed the Christmas season this year! It was a busy time full of fun, family, friends, and traditions old and new.
Being a teacher, I have quite the stash of Christmas books. After purchasing a few more, I wrapped 24 and the kids got to open one each night for their bed time story! I look forward to adding new books to our collection and continuing this tradition.
Our Advent activity book suggests beginning with a countdown chain. Tink made her first chain last year and had a lot of fun using it to see how many days were left until Christmas. We created one last summer to count down the days until our move, and she somehow merged the words "chain" and "pattern". It's now known in our house as a "chattern"...
 We made Christmas play-dough and I thought it would be fun to play in front of the tree.
It was such a hit that the kids wanted to sit there for
 drinking hot chocolate
and coloring. I eventually stopped taking it back and forth from Tink's room, and they enjoyed meals, snacks, and activities beside the tree. It's the little things :)
 We invited some friends to bake and decorate gingerbread men with us - a really fun, messy day!
 New Christmas pajamas! Any bets on how long it will be before they're wearing the same size?
 A visit with Santa  - who knew that my shy one would be excited and my outgoing one would be nervous?
 Making snowman pretzels for Tink's dance class Christmas party
 Dumping Decortaing Christmas cookies!
 New slippers, hot chocolate, and Christmas lights!
A Happy Birthday Jesus party with our cell group (we had so much fun that I forgot to get out the camera after everyone arrived). We had a delicious potluck dinner, watched The Very First Noel, and created a gingerbread navivity!
 Snowman pancakes
Snowman sandwiches - There are so many cute "themed" meal ideas out there and I decided to try a few. The kids loved them, and it made me wonder what I might get them to eat if it's in a fun shape...
Here's to wonderful Christmas memories, and many more to come!

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