Friday, July 25, 2008

The Taggie Blanket

My Mom and Aunt Daphne made a special "taggie" blanket before Tinkerbell was born, and I decided she was ready for it last week - she fell in love right away! The bright colors really caught her eye, and she LOVES to chew on all of the different ribbons! We started to take it with us when we are away from home, and it has saved me several times when she started to get fussy. I think we may have a "blankie" kid on our hands. . .
Checking it out. . .
This thing is fun!
Going in for a bite

Testing the Water

Tink's aunt and cousins got to visit last week, and we had lots of fun! We went to the neighborhood pool one evening and "tested" the baby pool. We waited until the sun had gone down so that it wouldn't be so hot, but knowing her usual evening temprament, I was pretty sure she wouldn't be a fan. She was not at all entertained by the water, but enjoyed a nap on a beach towel while everyone else took a dip in the pool . . . Oh well, maybe next summer :)
"I'm not so sure about this. . ."
"Get me outta here!"
(her toes are barely in the water)
Much happier on a nice dry towel
Sneaking in a nap

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fabulous Fourth

We took our first plane ride to Oklahoma with Tink and she did great! We thought that we were on time when we arrived at the airport, but it was a zoo (of course) and we almost missed our flight! I hoped that our first trip with a baby in tow would not include a mad dash to the gate, and of course, it did. Once we arrived in Tulsa and found that our luggage also made it, the trip was wonderful. We spent a long weekend with my parents, my sister and her family, and also visited my Grandparents. It was wonderful to spend time together, and we are looking forward to many more summer weekends with my family!
Ready to go!
We bought these before
the girls were born
Baths are more fun in the sink!

Showing Papa which card to play
First Sunday at church together

Testing the water in
Nana's new pool
Nana's girls

At Granny and Grandad's house