Thursday, May 22, 2014

Long time, no see...

I'm afraid I must admit, adding a third kid to our family officially knocked blogging off of my "to do" list... What can I say? I've had (what everyone who sees me in public points out) "my hands full" :) Might I add, though, that my heart is even more full? When people give me that smile of pity, I want to say, "No, wait! I love this, we have so much fun!" My hands are absolutely full, and I have days of feeling overwhelmed, just as anyone with young kids does, but we are abundantly blessed, and I wouldn't trade our life for anything in the world.
I do realize that there just isn't enough time for an extended blog post every month, so instead of giving it up entirely, I hope to post a collage of pictures taken from the month with a little bit of what's been going on, mostly for my own memory's sake, but also to share a fun glimpse into our crazy wonderful life :) So without further ado, here is a collage from the first four months of this year...
January 2014
1. We got some really fun games for Christmas, and our kids regularly ask to play games after dinner. Disney Headbands is a new favorite (for the record, J is TERRIBLE at this game, he gets too excited and yells out your character before you can guess!)
2. In December, we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, and planned a January getaway to Cancun, Mexico! We stayed at a beautiful resort and spent lots of time relaxing on the beach.
3.  When the tent just isn't cutting it, there's always the crib for the perfect ball pit!
4. Reading has become even more fun now that Tink can choose a book off the shelf and read it to her brothers.
5. What hasn't become more fun is P's ability to open doors - let's just say he loves flushing toilets...
6. J celebrated his fourth birthday with a fun crocodile-themed party at the Hills Church Playscape, and enjoyed a day of birthday fun at home, complete with birthday pancakes
7. and, of course, a trip to Rainforest Café!
8. J also got to try out soccer, and loved it!
9. Homeschool is much more fun when you can bring your babies along :)

Feburary 2014
1. J randomly decided to turn all of his Lego Cars into "monster trucks" using an extra block - where do boys get this stuff?
2. P's first pair of shoes (because his brother's were way too small, mind you).
3. Aunt Nigel brings the best presents!
4. Nana and Papa got to spend Valentine's Day at our house, and Papa joined in on some of the games that I had planned for the kids.
5. Peek-a-boo! This empty part of our built-in in P's favorite spot :)
6. Pinkalicious at Casa Manana!
7. Daddy Daughter dance
8. When you have a big sister, you always have access to the coolest accessories....
9. A rainy afternoon snuggling with Pete the Cat

March 2014
 1. Watching the big kids play in the snow
2. March brought an unexpected visit home, which meant cousin time!
3. Spring Break at the zoo (just in case you missed the memo, NOT a great idea).
4. How I Became A Pirate!
5. Laundry is much more fun with a cute helper. And by "helper", I mean sitting on top of the laundry and putting it on the floor so that you get extra exercise reaching to pick it up :)
6. Happy sixth birthday! Tink celebrated with a Frozen party (of course).
7. Remember what I said about sisters having the coolest accessories?
8. A birthday train ride.
9. We couldn't resist adding the AG doll of the year to Tink's collection - they practically share a name! Going to the store to buy the doll made it extra special (thank you Grandparents!)

April 2014
1. Announcing a new Linders - coming in October!
2. He's really good at sharing, especially if you have a Sonic drink.
3. This, my friends, is what ONE night in a hotel with three kids looks like...
4. Just a typical spring evening reading in the tub while Daddy watches the radar.
5. First time to put their feet in the pool for the season (still WAY too cold for this girl!)
6. A boy, a stick, and some dirt. What more do you need?
7. An end-of-the-season soccer medal
8. Showing off her gymnastics skills
9. A great-grandchild tradition - getting a sucker from my Grandad's pocket