Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fond Farewell

In May, we said goodbye to our first house, where we lived for seven years. I know that's not long considering that most people spend decades in the same house, but this being our first, it was really bittersweet. We became a family in that house - in ways, it feels like we just got settled, and in others, it feels like we were there for much longer than 7 years.
We were so excited to watch the process from slab foundation to house - we drove from Irving several times a week to check the progress.
 This is where both of our children came home from the hospital and celebrated their first birthdays!

The best part of moving - watching the storage units be delivered

 It's really odd to see all of your things packed into boxes - does anyone move without being shocked at the amount of "stuff" they have???
 One last picture
Goodbye, Summersville house - you were the perfect first home, and we will never forget the wonderful memories made here!

Family Fun

We spent Mother's Day weekend in San Antonio with my family. Vacationing with four kids under four takes a bit more prep and planning, but it was worth the effort, and everyone had a great time. We spent the mornings exploring, afternoons napping at the hotel, and evenings back out for dinner. We even took turns staying with the kids so that we could spend some time at the Riverwalk after bed time - just one of the perks of traveling with family :)
 Checking out the Children's Museum - LOTS to do for little ones!

 This was the highlight of the girls' visit - a mini HEB, complete with working registers
 Splashing at Sea World

 Outside the Alamo
 Happy Mother's Day!
 Headed home - they were out before we even hit the highway

And it begins

When you have a brother, life sometimes looks like this ...No, I don't have one, but if you've met my sweet cousin, Adam, you know that I got to experience a little of what brothers are like :)

Stoy Story

Just after Tink's birthday, R took her to see Toy Story on Ice (aka Story Story). Because Toy Story was her first full-length movie and she's seen it a dozen times, she LOVED watching it be played out live. Of  course, Jessie had to come along! They had a great evening, and she's asked several times if they can go again (which I'm sure her Daddy will be happy to oblige.)