Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fond Farewell

In May, we said goodbye to our first house, where we lived for seven years. I know that's not long considering that most people spend decades in the same house, but this being our first, it was really bittersweet. We became a family in that house - in ways, it feels like we just got settled, and in others, it feels like we were there for much longer than 7 years.
We were so excited to watch the process from slab foundation to house - we drove from Irving several times a week to check the progress.
 This is where both of our children came home from the hospital and celebrated their first birthdays!

The best part of moving - watching the storage units be delivered

 It's really odd to see all of your things packed into boxes - does anyone move without being shocked at the amount of "stuff" they have???
 One last picture
Goodbye, Summersville house - you were the perfect first home, and we will never forget the wonderful memories made here!


The Williams said...

I miss you being around the corner!

David and Bethany said...

What a sweet post! It almost made me tear up. Leaving our first home was so much harder than I anticipated. Sweet memories!