Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day in the Life

Just thought I would share some things Tinkerbell has been up to lately . . .

Taking Baby Boy for walks in the backyard

Keeping the fridge stocked with iced tea

Entertaining her brother

Working on her photography skills
(please excuse the nudity - we're working on it)

Four Months

J will be 4 1/2 months old on Friday! He is changing constantly, and we're really starting to see his sweet personality. He weighs 14.5 lbs and is 24.5 inches long - this guy is not following in his sister's small footsteps! He's already wearing 3-6 month clothes, and who knows when we'll move on to the next size. He rolled over a few weeks ago, which is exciting, but means no more swaddling. Sleep has been a little rough the last few weeks, but we're slowly getting back to normal. He loves the exersaucer and tummy time and watching his sister play peek-a-boo, sing, and read books to him.

Memorial Day

We enjoyed Memorial Day weekend with Ryan's family. Ryan got to "play farmer" and help his dad, and we spent lots of time enjoying the breeze under the trees. Tink got to blow bubbles, play soccer and swim with her cousins - her new favorite things :)