Monday, March 7, 2011

Can you tell me how to get ...

We had SUCH a fun girls night out Thursday! We took Tink and her cousin to see some of their favorite Sesame Street characters on stage. Tink went last year and was excited, but it took M awhile to warm up to the lights and sounds. On the way there, she kept saying, 'I don't want to say "hi" to Elmo. I'll just wave at him.' :) Half way through the show, she decided she needed to go sit on the steps with Zoe (on stage)! They both had a blast singing and dancing, and we had just as much fun watching them. Tink's favorite part was the fruit song and M's was the toothbrush song. They squealed and giggled all the way home - music to the ears of two Mamas who acted the just the same after nights like this when we were the little girls in the back seat.

Let it Snow

Just after Bug's birthday, we had a huge snowfall! It caused a little stress when travel came to a halt (R was away and my Mom needed to go home), but everyone returned safe and sound and we enjoyed a few days at home together. This was Bug's first time in the snow and Tink's first snowman, so I was really excited that R was here with us! Bug was a fan until a little got inside his mitten, and then decided his afternoon might be better spent taking a nap (who could blame him?) Tink did better than I expected, and wasn't ready to come inside even though she was freezing! She's game for just about anything her Daddy is doing, so I should've known being in the cold wouldn't be any different. She LOVED the snowman, and kept shaking it's hand, telling it "nice to meet ya", and giving it hugs. R even turned it around so she could see it from the kitchen, and she enjoyed talking to it for the rest of the day from the kitchen window. Unfortunately, this is Texas, and she woke the next morning shocked to see that "his face fell off"!

A Fond Farewell

Dear Wubbanub,
From the moment Bug met you, he was in love. You were the perfect companion - part pacifier, part puppy. Just the right size to grasp, snuggle, and tuck inside a blanket or strap to keep from getting lost.

For quite awhile, the two of you were inseparable. You were there for Bug through
photo sessions
the first night in his crib
family outings
long car rides
on the go naps
late afternoons
and family gatherings.
I don't know what we would've done without out! But you see, Wubbanub, Bug's teeth started coming in. When I peeked inside at those perfect new teeth and saw the beginning of a "pacifier mouth", I knew you had to go. You were much loved and appreciated during your time, but your time has come to an end. It's a bittersweet farewell and we will always have fond memories of you, but the time has come to say goodbye. Don't worry, Wubbanub, you have a special place reserved in Bug's keepsake box. I know we'll smile when we see you and think of Bug's first months and the time you spent close by.

Happy Birthday To You

My how time flies ...
Wasn't I just on the airplane to Switzerland, fighting the familiar pangs of morning sickness?

Didn't I just call friends and family to tell them I was in early labor and ask them to pray?

Didn't I just hold you, a few minutes old, marveling at God's perfect timing?
Didn't I just bring you home from the hospital, nervous and overwhelmed to begin life as a Mom of two?

From day one, sweet boy, you have brought joy into our lives! Your easygoing personality is just what we needed to balance the girls in this family! Your smile and clear blue eyes charm everyone you meet, and you love to flirt and wave "bye bye". Though you're not our first, each of your firsts has brought fun and excitement. You weigh 21 pounds and are 29 inches tall. You have eight teeth, two of which are molars! You LOVE to eat and are enjoying some new foods this month, including strawberries and blueberries, graham crackers, broccoli, and cheese. You also tried your first cheeseburger - one of Mommy's favorites. We're working on introducing whole milk, and you love it! We'll be finished nursing soon, and though it makes me really sad for that chapter of your life to be over, I'm very proud that we made it to your first birthday! You learned to blow kisses, giving Nana the very first one. You also got another haircut, totaling six in your first year - I think that's a record! You're starting to pull up on your knees to check things out at another level. No more putting things on the couch to get them out of your reach! You LOVE your sister, and watch everything she does, learning and trying to keep up. She's very sweet to you, and you're lucky to have such a great big sister. Every time you see your Daddy, you have a huge smile! You have fun playing and wrestling together, and you love it when he tickles you! But when the going gets tough, you're still a Mama's boy (I secretly hope it will stay that way for just a little while longer). You love music, being outside, playing with balls and cars, and watching Dora (thanks to your sister). You had a very special birthday party with a Blues Clues theme. Lots of friends and family came to help you celebrate and we had a great day! Each day that I get to spend with you is precious, and I am blessed beyond measure to watch you grow and learn (even though things are moving a bit faster than I'd like). I love you and am proud that you're mine!


Eleven months

What a fun month Bug's eleventh turned out to be! Being born in January makes your first Christmas just about perfect. Bug had a lot of fun with all of the sights and sounds of the season, and is now an expert present opener (birthday presents, here we come!) This month brought several new experiences - decorating the tree, going to see Christmas lights, and meeting even more family members. Bug added quite a few new foods to his diet this month, and all were met with enthusiasm! I'll be sad when the "picky toddler" phase sets in - this boy will happily eat anything! New foods this month included scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cauliflower, carrots and grapes. He also "upgraded" to the big tub, which means bath time with Tink (for a little while, anyway). He is a water baby, and LOVES to splash and play during bath time! He's really starting to explore (ie get into things), and is starting to communitate! Along with starting to sign, he's saying "ah duh!" (all done), "mo" (more) and "Wo-Wah", which after some investigation, we learned means "Dora" (Tink's favorite character). R and I are trying not to let our feelings be TOO hurt that he's saying Dora before Mama and Dada :) He's still rocking the army crawl, but getting faster every day. He pushes up on all fours and rocks back and forth to "dance" when he hears music, but when it's time to move, he's on his belly. His sweet and happy personality are growing each day, and I couldn't be prouder to be his Mama!