Monday, March 7, 2011

Let it Snow

Just after Bug's birthday, we had a huge snowfall! It caused a little stress when travel came to a halt (R was away and my Mom needed to go home), but everyone returned safe and sound and we enjoyed a few days at home together. This was Bug's first time in the snow and Tink's first snowman, so I was really excited that R was here with us! Bug was a fan until a little got inside his mitten, and then decided his afternoon might be better spent taking a nap (who could blame him?) Tink did better than I expected, and wasn't ready to come inside even though she was freezing! She's game for just about anything her Daddy is doing, so I should've known being in the cold wouldn't be any different. She LOVED the snowman, and kept shaking it's hand, telling it "nice to meet ya", and giving it hugs. R even turned it around so she could see it from the kitchen, and she enjoyed talking to it for the rest of the day from the kitchen window. Unfortunately, this is Texas, and she woke the next morning shocked to see that "his face fell off"!

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