Monday, March 7, 2011

Eleven months

What a fun month Bug's eleventh turned out to be! Being born in January makes your first Christmas just about perfect. Bug had a lot of fun with all of the sights and sounds of the season, and is now an expert present opener (birthday presents, here we come!) This month brought several new experiences - decorating the tree, going to see Christmas lights, and meeting even more family members. Bug added quite a few new foods to his diet this month, and all were met with enthusiasm! I'll be sad when the "picky toddler" phase sets in - this boy will happily eat anything! New foods this month included scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cauliflower, carrots and grapes. He also "upgraded" to the big tub, which means bath time with Tink (for a little while, anyway). He is a water baby, and LOVES to splash and play during bath time! He's really starting to explore (ie get into things), and is starting to communitate! Along with starting to sign, he's saying "ah duh!" (all done), "mo" (more) and "Wo-Wah", which after some investigation, we learned means "Dora" (Tink's favorite character). R and I are trying not to let our feelings be TOO hurt that he's saying Dora before Mama and Dada :) He's still rocking the army crawl, but getting faster every day. He pushes up on all fours and rocks back and forth to "dance" when he hears music, but when it's time to move, he's on his belly. His sweet and happy personality are growing each day, and I couldn't be prouder to be his Mama!

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