Friday, July 25, 2008

Testing the Water

Tink's aunt and cousins got to visit last week, and we had lots of fun! We went to the neighborhood pool one evening and "tested" the baby pool. We waited until the sun had gone down so that it wouldn't be so hot, but knowing her usual evening temprament, I was pretty sure she wouldn't be a fan. She was not at all entertained by the water, but enjoyed a nap on a beach towel while everyone else took a dip in the pool . . . Oh well, maybe next summer :)
"I'm not so sure about this. . ."
"Get me outta here!"
(her toes are barely in the water)
Much happier on a nice dry towel
Sneaking in a nap

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shoone said...

that was so much fun! Can't wait until when we get to see you in a few days!!