Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Two" infinity and beyond

Don't ask me how Bug is already two - I'm still trying to figure it out. I was all geared up for a "Cookie Monster" themed party, but he insisted on Buzz Lightyear. I tried to convince him that Buzz Lightyear was for big kids and Sesame Street was much better for two-year-olds, but you can see where that got me :) We had a fun party with lots of friends and family, and he loved every minute.
 Welcome to Bug's party!
Cake and balloons - we also had "Pizza Planet" pizza :)
 Birthday banner and gifts
 Happy Birthday to You!
 Enjoying the last piece after Sunday lunch
 His most treasured present - a harmonica specially selected by his sister.
 Sprinkle doughnuts for breakfast
 His big gift was a train table, and most of our family bought trains and track to fix it up!
 A new tradition - birthday lunch with Daddy!
 His afternoon choice of activity - cookies!
 Number 2 cookies
 Cookie Moster cookies (See? He likes Cookie Monster...)
 Birthday dinner menu - "michael" cheese and peas
Happy second birthday, sweet boy! Mommy can't believe the way you're growing! Your favorite things are Buzz Lightyear, trains, Cookie Monster, books (especially Tag Junior), being outside, playing with your sister, and music! You LOVE to sing and dance, and know the words to LOTS of songs! You are also quite the chatterbox! You have a pretty big vocuabulary for your age, and are easy to understand. Some of my favorite phrases are, "What you saying?" "I ready breakfast" "Turn it up please" and "Do you like___? I like_____" You LOVE milk, and your favorite foods are "michael" cheese, pancakes, and refried beans. You're still not a big fan of meat, but you're a great eater. At your doctor's appointment, you weighed 30lbs and were 36 in tall! You are growing like crazy, and Mommy loves every minute. I am so proud of you and thanful every day that you're mine!

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