Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, Thanksgiving wasn't as planned... We were so thankful to be home from the hospital with a healthy kid that we would have happily celebrated with pb&j! I did manage to prepare a small Thanksgiving dinner, and a quiet evening at home was just what we needed. 
This is our Thankful Tree. Each day in November, the kids got to add one "leaf" to the tree with something they were thanful for. I have a special gratitude album that we will add to each year with a family picture, the kids' leaves, and a letter about the blessings from our year. This year, they were thankful for:
ice cream, pumpkins, Mommy and Daddy, soup, rice and beans, books, apples, Nana and Papa, princesses, M (cousin), Bug is better, C & C (friends), sweetie treats, Grandma and PaPa, cheese (which Bug repeated about 10 days!), love, and Buzz Lighyear
I treasure the simplicity of the things they love and are thanful for. As usual, I learned a lot from my attempt to teach them about thanfulness.
We usually decorate for Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving, but we were home, so we decided to get started! The kids were really excited to "help", and R was a good Dad and took the extra time to let them. A true lesson in patience ;)

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