Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Waiting Game

So, the waiting game has officially begun. . . My last day at work was Friday (which ended up being a snow day), and I had what I was SURE would be my last doctor's appointment yesterday, but here we are - no baby yet! I am on a waiting list to be induced on Monday, but that all depends on one of the ladies who currently has a spot going into labor before her scheduled induction. If that doesn't happen, we'll just go back to the doctor on Tuesday and see if there has been any further progress. I'm sure that she is nice and cozy in there, but I am more than ready for her to make her grand entrance into the world! I have loved getting ready for her arrival and dreaming about and preparing to be a Mom, but I am completely "over" being pregnant right now. I must admit that I am blessed not to be what most people would call "huge", but I am none the less uncomfortable and feeling very impatient! We have been spending our time making sure the house is in pristine condition, cooking a few meals together, watching a movie or two, and going for LOTS of walks - I think he is convinced that we are going to "walk" me into labor! In the last five days, we have been to Northeast Mall, Babies R Us, Target, Central Market, and around the block no less than ten times (most recently this morning at 7:30 am!). Needless to say, he's ready as well. So, sweet baby girl, in case you were wondering, we're ready whenever you are!

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