Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Long Awaited Arrival

She's finally here! Just as I started to relax and feel comfortable with our Saturday induction, Tinkerbell decided she was ready. If you want to skip the "details" of my delivery experience, feel free to skip the next paragraph :)

I woke up at about 1:30am feeling really sick and not sure what was going on. I decided to wake R up when I tried to get out of bed and almost fell down! After about two hours of labor on the floor in our closet (yes, our closet - I was afraid to be too far away from the bathroom and the tile floor was too cold), he tried to convince me to go to the hospital, but I was afraid that we would be sent back home. I called to talk to the doctor, and when I told him I was 41 weeks, he said (in a rather annoyed tone), "then GO to the hospital!" I just wanted to be sure - I was not up for any more disappointment! We arrived around 4:00am and had a rough first few hours. Luckily, my new best friend, the anesthesiologist, arrived at 7:00 and things were pretty smooth from there. I was thrilled to be dialated to a 10 by 10:00am, but my parents and doctor still had not arrived, so I asked to wait a little longer. My parents and doctor arrived around 11:30, and after only 45 minutes, she was born!
Our baby girl was born on Thursday, March 27 at 12:15pm. She weighed 6.5 lbs and was 18.75 inches long. She is doing an amazing job breastfeeding already, and was given a clean bill of health by her doctor this morning. We are SO proud of her and can't wait for all of you to meet her! We came home this morning at 11:00 and R will be here with us until next Tuesday. We would love to see you if you'd like to drop by! Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement - we are truly blessed to have each of you in our lives. Enjoy the first of MANY pictures to come!
Just arrived
All swaddled and comfy

Finally going home
Baby blue eyes


Shyann said...

I am so excited that she's here! The much wanted girl/cousin that I have wanted from you since I was about 8 or 9 has fianlly arrived! Love You!

Andrea said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys!! Congrats congrats congrats! she is just so sweet and cute! Take care and we cant wait to come over and hang out again, I know the boys want to play! ;) Oh, I used the X-box idea for my ABC book, thanks for the idea! Let me know if you need anything.

mrsh20man said...
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Julie & Ben said...

She is beautiful! I'm so excited! You're not helping my baby fever! Congratulations to both of you. She is absolutely adorable and I know you will be great parents. I can't wait to meet Isabella!

kellie said...
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Jen Hobbs said...

Dear Holly and Ryan,
Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Thank you for letting us be a part of it in reading your story and seeing the pictures. Gob bless your family and talk to you soon!

Take care,
Jennifer and Brian

Andrea said...

Oh, Holly I love all the new pictures! She is just so cute and sweet! I am so happy for you! How are you doing? Are you feeling ok? How is she doing? I hope that everything is going well. Congrats again!

Groovewoman said...

She is so adorable and looks JUST LIKE MOMMY!

CONGRATULATIONS you guys! This is the best time and most tiring time, but love EVERY Minute of it, because it goes by a lot faster than you realize. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!

I can't wait to come see her!