Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still Waiting

The infamous "due date", as well as two potential induction dates (both Monday and yesterday) have now passed without the arrival of our girl. If you tried to tell me a month ago that I would still be pregnant right now, I wouldn't have believed you for a second.
Last week at my doctor's appointment, I had not made any progress (still dilated to 2cm and 70% effaced), so we decided to be induced the following Monday. I felt really good about giving it an extra week, but ready to take advantage of modern medicine and get things rolling! Both of our parents made plans to come into town, and we were set to go. After a wonderful Easter weekend with my family and a special "last supper" on Sunday night at Cheesecake Factory, Monday morning rolled around with no phone call from the hospital. Needless to say, we were very disappointed, but I called the doctor's office and they placed me on the list for yesterday. Again, no phone call. This kind of waiting and hoping is enough to send a pregnant girl over the edge! Luckily, I already had an appointment at 11:00 (which I joked about not needing) and we went hoping for answers.
The nurses must have know how disappointed I was going to be, because the first thing they said to me when I walked in was, "we have a 'for sure' date for you". They even wrote it down on a sticky note so that I could hold it! They checked my progress (same as the last two weeks) and put me on a monitor to check Isabella's heart rate and movement, and sent me home with the promise of an induction over the weekend.
I know that in hindsight these few days will seem like a blink in time and that we'll look back and smile at our unnecessary anxiousness, but I feel like I'm in the twilight zone! It's been almost three weeks since my first Braxton Hicks contractions, which feels like an eternity! My poor family (and several friends, so I hear) have been waiting by the phone for awhile now, wondering if and when we're going to call with good news. Poor R jumps at my every move, ready to load the car with bags that have been packed so long that we had to re-pack for warmer weather! Several people have called to congratulate us, assuming that we must have had the baby and forgotten to call them. The insurance company even called to see what was going on! My parents had to head back home yesterday so that my Dad could finish the week at work and come back this weekend. R's parents left home Monday morning, only to be sent back before even crossing the state line. His sister's family, as well as some close friends, have been through Dallas over Spring Break and thought for sure they would get to meet the baby - only to call and be invited to hang out with us while we "wait". Our families made "bets" on the official date, spanning from the 6th up until the 22nd, all of which have passed without a lucky winner! As frustrating as it is, I must admit that the situation has become quite comical.
I am so thankful, though, for the encouragement and company of friends and family over the last days and weeks - I know I would've gone crazy by now without it! I also know in my heart that God's timing is perfect and I am learning (slowly but surely) acceptance of the fact that I am not (and can not be) in control.
We are scheduled to go into the hospital Friday night, when they will give me Cytotec to help my water break and hopefully begin labor. This is the least invasive way to induce, so we are praying for success! If it isn't successful, we will start Pitocin first thing Saturday morning. Until then, please continue to pray for health, rest, and patience, safe travel for our families, and for a smooth induction and delivery! Thank you and I PROMISE that we will post pictures of our elusive girl as soon as she makes herself available :)


Julie & Ben said...

Thanks for posting! I've been DYING over here!! Checking every day to see if you've posted an update. I cannot imagine how anxious you are. I admire you both for being patient and trying to wait on God's timing. You will have a beautiful baby girl soon. I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see her! Can I have my name added to the list of people for Katie to call??? (Pretty please!)

Tiffany said...

If it makes you feel any better, there have been a few other people who have been bumped off the induction list due to unforseen people going into spontaneous labor the last couple of days. They even bumped the NICU charge nurses daughter-in-law today! There were only 3 inductions on Tuesday and they were people who had to be induced for medical reasons. It's much more of a "guarantee" to go in for the cytotec the night before because most people have delivered out already and the board is practically cleared. I don't think you're at risked of being bumped again! I'll be looking for you!!!

Andrea said...

i am so glad to hear the good news abuot when she is coming. I cant wait to see her. i will be praying for everything to go well and I know that it will. cant wait!!

mrsh20man said...

Congratulations! We were so excited to get the text message from you yesterday! I hope everything went as planned and I can't wait to meet Isabella. She is a true gift from God, and you two are admirable for waiting for his time. I know you said we could come by soon after she was home, but I will let you extend the offical invitation. I don't want to intrude and I want to give you and your family time to get acquainted.

Just let me know what you need and when, and I'll be there!

With much love and happiness,
Sarah, Chad and Baby Leah