Friday, February 22, 2008

Finishing Touches (The Nursery Part II)

The nursery is finally finished! After two wonderful showers both of our places of work, we got to go shopping and purchase the last few things we needed for the nursery! My Mom came for the weekend to help us get everything organized, and my sis and her husband came over to help us get things put in place. Actually, the guys did most of the "putting into place" while we gave very helpful input :) Here are a few more pictures - the biggest differences are the things now hanging on the wall and the VERY organized closet (you know me and organization!) I'm sure it won't stay this way forever, but I can dream, can't I?

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Shyann said...

This is a cute room!! I like it lots! I'm glad you have it finished!! Tell Izzaboo to hold off until before of after finals so that I can get out of school, well just not the week after spring break!! Sorry, I'm just busy!! You will be too when you have teenage kids!!!! :) (kinda like my dad!!)