Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter - better late than never, right? :)

Easter this year started pretty early - we were in Oklahoma City before Tink's birthday and Grandma decided that we should have an egg hunt so that she wouldn't miss it. It was a little windy, but that didn't seem to phase anyone! Because the little ones can't have most of the candy that was in the eggs, theirs were filled with money (why didn't anyone have this idea when I was little?) Tink scored almost $10!
We made a trip to my parents' house Easter weekend and had a wonderful time. The drive is quite a beating (especially on a 3 hour feeding schedule), but it was completely worth it. J got to meet my Granny and Grandad and Tink had TWO more egg hunts and dyed eggs for the first time. We got home to find a surprise from the Easter Bunny - as you can see, my children are completely mistreated when it comes to holidays :)

The egg hunt lineup

Found one!

A little help from Daddy
Tink's Oklahoma buddy (Tink's Daddy and C's Mommy grew up together!)
J and his Great Grandad

Great Granny
Hunting eggs at Granny's

Who needs eggs when Grandad has suckers in his pocket?
Can't go home without a trip to Murphy's!
Easter baskets from Nana and Papa

Dying eggs (pardon my death grip)

Deciding what color to use next

One more hunt at Nana's

Easter outfits

Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to get them both to look at you?
Baskets from the Easter Bunny!

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