Monday, April 5, 2010

Sesame Street Live

For Tink's birthday, her Daddy and I took her to see Sesame Street Live. I was really excited about her first show and couldn't wait to see what she would think of it. She wasn't sure at first, but was dancing and clapping after just a few minutes. Every time a character left the stage, she would ask, "Where Ernie go?" She also wanted to get up from her stage to "go see them" like at Chuck E. Cheese's :) One of R's close friends from high school was there with her little girl, and they got to sit with us for the second half of the show. The girls had a great time together! We had a wonderful evening, and hope that this is only the beginning of her experience with live performances!

Look, Daddy!

doing the hula

a Mexican fiesta

Elmo's World!

Abby Cadabby

closing her eyes to "imagine"

Mardi Gras

family photo with Elmo

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