Saturday, May 8, 2010

Three Months

Last Monday, J turned three months old! It seems like time goes by faster with the second child -maybe because I'm always running around! We had a fun month - J got to meet some new friends, went to Daddy's office, the zoo and Chuck E. Cheese's, and spend an ENTIRE day with Daddy while Mommy worked on his baby album. He's really starting to flirt and coo, and loves to sit up and look around. He and his sister are starting to giggle at each other, which I'm sure someday will drive me crazy, but for now is music to my ears. I'm not sure exactly what he weighs, but I'm guessing around 12 pounds. He got a new paci called a Wubbanub - it's a Soothie attached to a small stuffed animal, and he LOVES it! It can be tucked inside a swaddled blanket or carseat strap, and he can hold on to it by himself, which is a huge bonus for Mommy :) His favorite place to hang out right now is the play mat, and he's been working really hard to catch the toys that dangle from the bar above him. When he gets one, he holds onto it for dear life! His other favorite thing is smiling and cooing at the baby he sees when he looks into a mirror - super cute! Here are a few pics from this month
Got it!
my star-bellied sneetch
first trip to the zoo
I left him like this . . .
and found him like this!
Sneaking a nap
I love my Wubbanub!

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