Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Weeks Old

We had our two week appointment yesterday - yes, in the middle of the craziest snow storm North Texas has ever seen, I made my first outing with both kids. On a normal day, I would have rescheduled, but Tink started running a fever on Wednesday, and I wanted to make sure that nothing scary or horribly contagious was about to invade our household. It was just as challenging as you might imagine, but I survived :)
J gained almost another pound beyond his birthweight (8lbs 5oz), has grown an inch (21in) and looks great! He is an excellent eater, and has started looking at us while we talk to him. He's working on holding his head up just a little, and is a huge snuggler! We're working on getting him on a daytime schedule so that he'll do a little better through the night. Right now, he's a big sleepyhead during the day, and at night, is ready to party!
Dr. Z was also super sweet to look at Tink while we were there and make sure that she was ear infection and strep throat free. While I was relieved, I'm still a little stressed with the thought of trying to keep them separate and washing my hands constantly - I guess I'm jumping headfirst into the role of being a Mom of two. My Mom reminded me that this is how I'll feel when either of them is sick for the next eighteen years :)
I hoped to take some pictures of the kids together on Wednesday, but Tink was not at all in the mood, so I got just a few of my boy that I thought I would share - isn't he a cutie?

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