Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Almost all of North Texas is enjoying a snow day today - we got almost a foot of snow, which is an all-time record. Areas around us reported 12-14 inches! The bad weather turned out to be a huge blessing for me - Tinkerbell has been sick since Wednesday, and is still feeling pretty terrible. Add to the fact that she's feeling a little resentful of the attention her brother is getting ,and she is not my biggest fan right now. We had a few rough days this week, and I counted the minutes until R came home. Thanks to the snow, R got to stay home today AND his Saturday meeting in San Antonio was cancelled! I was not looking forward to playing single mom to a newborn and a sick 22-month-old, so saying I was relieved is quite the understatement. R went outside this morning to shovel the driveway, so Tink and I decided to join him for just a few minutes to get some fresh air and a picture or two. She also got to have her very first mug of hot chocolate and bowl of snow ice cream - two "must-haves" for every snow day!

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