Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sick Baby

Remember how I said that Tink wasn't feeling too hot when we went for her checkup on Tuesday and the nurse told me it was all good? Here's the rest of the story -
I'll spare you a narrative of every detail, here's the short version:
Tuesday - shots, low grade fever (typical), rough night (awake every 2 hours)
Wednesday - visit to the doctor with fever of 102, blood culture at Cook's (completely traumatizing), another rough night
Thursday - a little better, hoping we were out of the woods
Friday - woke up with another fever of 102, back to the doctor for strep and flu tests, urinalysis, directions for a stool collection (oh joy) and chest x-ray (again, traumatizing, as you can imagine), really rough afternoon and another rough night
Saturday - fever finally broke, doing a little better, smiling and trying to play just a little, woke up only twice during the night
As you can imagine, we had a really rough week and are so glad that our girl is getting back to normal. I am very thankful for a thorough doctor and was happy to know that nothing serious was wrong, but felt terrible for putting her through all of the poking and prodding! I am thankful that kids are so resilient and am happy to report that she is finally making a comeback. I've never been so happy to see a smile in my life! She still has a nasty nose, a pretty bad cough, and an ugly bruise from the blood culture, but is otherwise no worse for the wear. Say a little prayer that we're back to our normal schedule soon - Mommy and Daddy need a break :) In all seriousness, this week has made us SO thankful for such a happy, healthy baby - we are TRULY blessed!

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