Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amazing News

Here is a post from Kimi (dated 11/26):

How awesome is our God! Last night was our third night with both T and S at home. One week ago we found out about T's brain bleed, and I thought for sure he’d take a step back (like he did with the holes in his heart) and not get to come home soon. But the doctors assure us that the brain bleed is “nothing to worry about” and so T got to come home one day after S. It is my fault for not believing in T…the NICU was going to let S stay until T came home, but I thought that would be forever so I was impatient and wanted S to come home as soon as he was ready. Turns out T was ready too!
God provided for us in his perfect timing…we had Rob’s sister Beth and Rob’s aunt Janie here to help with all the boys (and that wasn’t the plan, since when we setup for Beth and Janie to come, we had no idea that S and T would be coming home so soon). That first night was absolutely crazy…Beth made dinner, Janie took care of L, and Rob and I fed and settled in the twins. 4 adults on 3 little guys, and I’d say we could have used even more sets of hands! But really, Janie and Beth both watched the boys’ cares once, and then they were pros.
This morning was our first time at 2 on 3. L slept late this morning (thanks!), Rob fed him while I fed S and T (with many yells to the kitchen for various levels of assistance), then Rob and I bathed the twins while L took a nap. Finally, L and I did “milk lab” (mixing fortified milk, putting milk up to freeze, and rinsing bottles for the dishwasher). He enjoyed shaking the milk bottles and rinsing the bottle in the sink - he absolutely loves playing in water.
Rob is off to look at vans. I will feed T&S and then maybe a nap???
Thanks to Rob for getting L ready to go while I typed up this blog!
PS-T and S will have follow-up head sonograms on Dec 2 and T will have a follow-up echocardiogram on Dec 22.

Such wonderful news, especially considering all that has happened lately. . . please keep praying for all of them - I can't even imagine adjusting to life with three little boys! Well, maybe if they were this cute :)

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