Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have a lot of posting to catch up on, so I decided to spare myself the headache and post each separately as if I had been keeping up with things all along :)

We had such a fun Halloween! My niece spent the day with us and I had a great time taking the girls' pictures in their cute Halloween shirts. We also hosted a Halloween party for our friends with little ones, which was hilarious - there should be a rule against forcing your child into a fuzzy costume just for the sake of pictures, but it's way too cute to resist! Tinkerbell was a pretty good sport, I must admit. She wasn't a big fan of her wings, but I'm not sure I would be fond of having something strapped to my back that completely threw off the little balance I constantly worked so hard to achieve. Fun was had by all (except when we tried to take pictures) and I very quickly began having Pumpkin Patch flashbacks. . . Oh well, maybe they'll be more into it next year.
Cute Halloween shirts
(Thanks, Grandma!)
My sweet ladybug
(Props to Aunt Lorie for scoring such a
CUTE costume at a consignment sale!)
Cousins in costume
Our sweet friends

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