Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proud Daddy

We celebrated Father's Day last weekend in Oklahoma City. R spent most of the weekend helping his Dad on his Grandma's farm, so Tink and I got to spend lots of time with her Grandma and Great-Grandma! We also spent time with the rest of the family and went to church together Sunday morning. It was so fun to see R stand up with the other dads and be recognized in church - I am so proud that he's mine! I can't imagine having a better husband, provider, and Daddy for Tink. We are both so blessed to have him.
Happy Father's Day!
Our Family
PaPa and the grandkids
PaPa's baby girl
Four Linders Generations
Wild Blackberries!

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Shyann said...

This was an extremely fun weekend! I had SO much fun with you, and didn't have to share you!!
(I didn't know berry pinkin' was that much fun!!)