Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 Month Update

Tinkerbell was three months on Thursday, and I can't believe how she's growing and changing! We went to the doctor on Friday, and she weighs 11 pounds! The nurse was very proud of the way that she's holding herself up :) We're having a great summer and getting to spend lots of time with my sister and her little girl. We even had our first "Girls Day Out" last week! K and I braved the mall on Saturday with both girls in tow, and they were great. We decided to make our next trip on a weekday morning though - the mall was crazy! We're going for our first plane ride on Friday, so say a little prayer, and I'll send another update when we get home.
Three month picture

Testing out the Jump&Go

Getting cozy in the Boppy

Off to the mall


Shyann said...

I love the last picture! its really cute! where are you going on your plane ride to?

Andrea said...

how cute!! I love the last pic!! how fun!! Where are you guys going?

Julie & Ben said...

Those are cute pictures! I love them! They're both already so big!