Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Little Things

It's amazing how proud you feel at the littlest things! Tinkerbell rolled over today and we were so excited! I was cooking dinner and she was playing on the floor. When I looked up, she was on her tummy! I was a little sad that I missed it, but rolled her back over hoping that she would do it again. Once she got started, she did it several times! Of course it took forever to get it on camera, but thanks to Movie Maker, here's the short version :)


Ashley said...

Whoa! And I thought 3 months was "early" for Lucy. I think Ranger was at least 4 months. She's going to be walking at 9 months, I bet. What an overachiever!!

Tiffany said...

I guess she forgot that she's just 3 months old! What a big girl! You know what happens, first its rolling over, then its eating dog food!!!