Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seven & Eight

Maybe I should blame my lack of blogging on Bug's new ability to "explore" :) He's a champion roller, and is currently perfecting the army crawl. He also finally figured out how to lay down from a sitting position by himself, which is a lot harder than it seems, and was really making him mad! We're having fun watch this guy make his way to the things that interest him. Right now, those include little bits that the vaccum doesn't pick up (I know, gross), Tink's books and toys, and anything else besides the toys I scatter around for him to play with :) His first two teeth are in and constantly chomping on something, but so far, no others are in sight. When he does play with toys, he seems to prefer balls and things with wheels (such a boy). He's also started to pay attention to Blues Clues as Tink watches (do all second children watch television a LOT earlier than their older siblings?) No doctor's appointments this time, but I stood on the scale with him a few weeks ago and it said 18.5. He's grown out of his 3-6 month clothes, so he's definitely growing! He's constantly making noise, usually grunting, which gets both of us some funny looks when we're out. He's eating two meals a day in addition to nursing (which I'm very proud of b/c I didn't make it this long with Tink). His menu now includes Puffs (an instant favorite), applesauce, pears, peaches, peas, and green beans. His PaPa tried to feed him barbeque and corn on the cob last weekend, but I rescued him just in time! We spent lots of time with family the last few months, and he loved every minute. Bug got to meet some of his cousins at a family reunion and attended his first garage sale! He also spent his first night away from us (with Grandma and PaPa while we slept just a few miles away). I wasn't quite expecting it, which might have been the best approach because I didn't have time to worry. He's a great traveler, and is happy for friends and family members to hold him (unless it's nap or meal time). This boy steals my heart every day!

making an escape

discovering his toes

future guitar hero

Seven months

sitting champ

a family tradition - the taggie blanket!

eight months

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