Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We had an unusual Christmas this year, but a wonderful one to say the least. We originally planned to be at home instead of in Oklahoma, but didn't imagine that I would be on bed rest and we would have such crazy weather! We hoped to attend Christmas Eve service, but after sliding around the block and almost hitting a parked car, R decided that our evening would be better spent at home! We celebrated Christmas Eve watching the snow, setting out cookies for Santa, and reading the Christmas story. On Christmas morning, R did an amazing job following through with all of my special plans! We were able to spend the entire day in our PJs and let Tink open and play with each of her gifts before moving on to the next. We also had amazing food - baked french toast for brunch and the perfect Christmas dinner - baked ham with pineapple glaze, scalloped potatoes (from scratch!), and an arugula, pear, and pecan salad. So much for making me think that he can't cook! :) While travel and spending time with extended family are always an important part of Christmas for us, this year was made special by the time that we got to spend together as a family of three.

cookies for Santa

eating a cookie of her own and getting ready for the Christmas story
talking about Jesus' birthday (yes, baby Jesus is on top of the stable)
trying out her new baby stroller
getting settled in her tent with some good books (my kind of afternoon, I must say!)
Say cheese!

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