Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebrating with family

We were a little worried that the Christmas Blizzard would keep our families away, but they managed to make it here safely! We celebrated Christmas weekend with R's family, and had a great time. Tink LOVES her cousins, and was very excited to have them around to play with! R made another great dinner, complete with turkey for dessert. Our cooking directions were incorrect and the turkey took a little longer than expected, but was definitely worth the wait. :) We were really thankful to have our families here to celebrate with us, and our Christmas wouldn't have been complete without them.

Abby sweater from Grandma
A ball set to help Tink get ready for her brother!
Learning how to use the Sit and Spin

Cute new clothes from Aunt L (check out the shoes!)
We spent New Year's weekend with my family. The girls are starting to get excited about opening presents, and the boys-to-be got a few presents of their own. Can you believe that my sister and I are both having boys??? :)

Happy New Year!
baby blankets made by my uncle

matching Christmas PJs

An Elmo phone that says Tink's name!

Baby Abby Cadabby
Trying out baby cradles made by Papa (do you notice a theme here?)

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Julie said...

I love all the photos! Tink is such a beautiful little girl! Seriously, just beautiful. Can't wait to see photos of her baby brother! I'm thinking of you all!