Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Christmas Fun

Being out of commission leading up to Christmas presented quite the challenge to all the things I had planned, but R took over and did a fantastic job making sure that Tink's second Christmas was full of fun memories.

The Wednesday after Thanksgiving, we had our first snow! We were really excited to take the girls outside to take pictures. They humored us, but weren't as thrilled as we hoped :)

The night before the fun began, our church hosted a Christmas petting zoo called Journey to the Manger. Tink got to pet and brush farm animals and say hello to Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds, and an angel! She was a lot less timid than her first petting zoo experience, and cried when it was time to go home!

Christmas cookies are one of R's favorite traditions, and he was even more excited this year now that I have so many decorating supplies :) Tink had a blast "helping", and I even pitched in just a little when it was time to decorate. It was a HUGE mess, but they were pretty cute!

Getting all dressed up for Christmas Sunday has always been so much fun for me! I had Tink's dress before Thanksgiving, but it was a little tricky getting the rest of it. Thanks to a little outing to the consignment store, she was all set :)

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mattina said...

LOVE Tink's dress!!! So sweet!! Your cookies turned our awesome too. Do you have a good frosting recipe? And just loved what your church did with the petting zoo. That is pretty awesome!! Miss you!!!