Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing Catch-up - Thanksgiving

So, in case you've been out of touch lately, I've been a little preoccupied to post to the blog (more about that later). For now, here are the posts that you would have seen if all had been "normal":

We had a wonderful week-long Thanksgiving with our families! Because travel isn't an option for Christmas this year, Ryan took a few extra days and we headed to Oklahoma. We spent the first half of the week with my family, and the second half with Ryan's. Tink is starting to warm up a little more quickly than before with our families -especially her cousins! She couldn't wait to get in on all of the action. It was a great week away, and we came home feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness for our family and friends, Ryan's job, my time at home, and our growing family.

I found these shirts online, and Papa took care of the rest :)

Chowing down with Daddy

Giggly girls :)

My Mom's family

Linders cousins

Drum lessons with Pa Pa

Football with the boys

Playing a new game

Always ready to dress up!

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