Thursday, May 22, 2008

Favorite Things

Tink is really starting to play with her toys! She loves her play gym, Bebe Pod, and riding in the Baby Bjorn. R even wore it in Kohl's this week! We've been taking walks in the evening, and she loves to look around at the clouds and trees before drifting off to sleep - I think it takes her back to all of those walks around the block when we were trying to go into labor :) She is eight weeks old today, and I think she weighs about ten pounds, which seems crazy! We go to the doctor next week, so I'll have an official report and two month picture then. She's definitely growing and changing every day! Her newest discovery is her toes, which entertain her while we're in the car. Here are the latest pictures and her very first video :)


Shyann said...
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Ashley said...

Love the pics and the video. She is so "Holly jr." to me. I especially love the one of Granny and Grandad. It made me cry! I just remember years ago being SO grateful that they made it to all of our weddings and now to see them holding our babies. I just feel so blessed beyond measure.

Groovewoman said...

Oh my goodness, she is getting SO Big already. Look at her in her little chair. She looks like she is holding her head up nicely!

Is she sleeping thru the night? Babywise girl... if you aren't doing it, DO IT! It will save your sanity and sleep! :) TRUST ME!