Monday, December 26, 2011

Our State Fair

The Texas State Fair is during the month of October, and it's always one of my birthday requests. We couldn't make it during the weekend, so one of my friends and her boys offered to join us for a day of fun! Armed with two double strollers, we piled into the car and made the trek to Dallas. Tink hasn't been to the fair since she was seven months old and this was Bug's first trip, so I was excited to show them all that the fair had to offer. Bug decided that cowboy boots were in order, and Tink decided to follow suit. Somehow, a trip to the fair always includes lots of food, and this year was no exception! We enjoyed lemonade, corn dogs, apple strudel and tater twisters. We saw great animals, some that we'd never seen up close, and we had fun walking around. Somehow, don't ask me why, we failed to see and take pictures with Big Tex. Guess there's always next year :) We had a wonderful day, and I hope that the kids grow up with my love for the Texas State Fair.
Dressed and ready to go!
 I bought one of these lemonades to share, and ended up buying another - it was the best I've had!
Loving some taters!

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