Friday, July 2, 2010

Five months

Bug was five months old on Saturday! (I'm trying a new nickname . . . as in Love Bug, Snuggle Bug, Stink Bug). We're having a great summer and getting to do lots of fun things together. Thanks to Tink, he has quite the busy schedule! He has his first photo session with his sister and cousins, had his first "boys only" play date with his cousin, started sitting in the stroller, and spent his first night without Mommy. He's still not quite adjusted to sleeping without being swaddled, but we're working on it. We tried cereal a few weeks ago and he was NOT a fan - this boy is just fine with nursing, thank you very much :) He weighs 16 lbs, so we're not too worried that he's going hungry. He smiles constantly and will charm anyone who looks his way. He loves to talk and coo, especially if you join in on the "conversation". He's also started to blow rasperries, which Tink thinks is hilarious. Here are just a few pics from the month.
First walk in the stroller
Loving the attention
First playdate with T
Two and five months

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