Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommy Time

So with all of R's travel this month, Tink has had quite a lot of "Mommy time". I'm completely worn out, but wouldn't trade it for anything, especially considering that times like this will be few and far between after her brother arrives! Last week (during a well-child visit, no less), she caught a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad stomach virus, but we survived and things are finally back to normal. I have to say that spending the night in the bathroom with your sick kiddo is one of the WORST parts of being a mom! Anyway, we've been doing lots of fun things like watching TV in our PJs, reading ten books in one sitting, taking naps in the rocking chair, eating breakfast for dinner, and looking at pictures! We've also been working on saying "please" and "thank-you", and today when I put her shoes on, she looked up at me and said "tank-oo Mommy" all by herself - melted my heart! She spent about 20 minutes under the table "reading" books (out loud) while I was cooking dinner the other night, so I'll try to add video soon.
The best part of being sick - Jell-O :)

Looking at her scrapbook

Reading in a drawer while I cook dinner :)

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