Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh, Canada

We just returned from our whirlwind trip to Canmore for Matt and Tina's wedding! Tina is a dear friend, and we were so excited to be able to make the trip to celebrate her big day. The weather was beautiful and the Canadian Rockies were breathtaking - I can't imagine a better setting for a fall wedding. Every detail was planned "to a T", which if you know Tina, wasn't shocking in the least. This was Tink's second international trip, and she did very well! She rolled right along with the flight, the altitude, and the busy schedule, including crazy bedtimes and skipping a nap or two (why do I have a feeling that we won't get this lucky twice?) She did have two small mishaps - she hit her eye pretty hard on the arm rest in the airplane, and was stung by a bee on the lip as we were leaving the wedding! She managed to make up for it by getting to taste Canadian maple syrup and Timbits (donut holes) for the first time. The wedding was VERY kid friendly (once again, thanks to Tina), and she played with lots of new friends and got a special "Tourist" Chuck E. doll and personalized coloring book as wedding favors. Ryan and I truly enjoyed the slow pace of our trip, something we rarely experience anymore. All in all, we had a wonderful time and hope to make another visit soon. Ryan insists that we need to visit in the winter, but we'll see :)

The perfect setting

The beautiful bride

Becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Tink's seat for the wedding :)

Taking a walk with Daddy

Playing in the trees

Family Photo-Op

Hot Chocolate and Timbits

Canadian maple syrup

Breakfast in the Rockies

Gotta touch the water

One last picture

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