Monday, September 28, 2009


So, my Mom decided that the girls needed fish - they are really into animals right now and love to make fish faces . . . sounds like the perfect Nana idea, doesn't it? Buy the grandkids a fish and then hop a plane home so that the kids can look at them once in awhile and think about what a cool Nana you are while your children feed and clean up after them. I don't have enough of that to do already, right? In all fairness, she did ask first, and I did say yes. Anyway, when we got home from Canada, we found a small tank and a note - apparently, my Mom is just lucky enough to choose the fish that was about to give birth. Literally. On the way home from the pet store. So now, Tink is the proud owner of not only a Mommy and a Daddy fish, but lots of little baby fish. Seriously. Did I mention that I'm five months pregnant and a little overwhelmed with the thought of how crazy my life is about to become? Gotta love grandparents :)


mike and jackie said...

What an AWESOME NANA! You are sooo lucky! :)

Andrea said...

haha!!! so funny i love it!!

hey how do u get ur pictures so they are not clickable?