Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ten months

Can you believe she's ten months old? Tink continues to amaze me as she grows and changes so constantly. She keeps us in stitches with the things that she copies and tries to do. She is crawling like a champ and has started "cruising" along the furniture. She is also working on a third tooth, which was not fun last week during a double ear infection! Thanks to her first round of the good ol' pink amoxicillin, she's back to her sweet self. I decided to post some video along with pictures this month so that you could see her in action - her current favorite toy is a pink Little People school bus that she received for Christmas. It plays a little song and contains several Little People - her second current obsession (she's even mastered crawling while holding one in her little hand). The first part of the video is her "dancing" to the bus song, something that she started doing on her own, but we have since perpetuated by frequently pushing the button and dancing along with her. The second part is her pushing the bus around the kitchen. Yes, she knows it rolls forward, but it seems to get away from her that way, so this was her solution (hilarious).
PS - I just discovered her very first piece of dog food in her mouth. She's always so kind to share a little food with Scruffy while in her high chair, I guess he decided to return the favor . . . Don't even know what to say about that.

Ten months

Nothing is safe

Standing tall

Here I come

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