Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love is in the Air

I will be the first to admit that I get excited about holidays - even the "little" ones. I'm one of those annoying people that has a box of decorations for "non-Christmas" holidays (don't worry, R has kept this to a minimum). This was perfect when I taught kindergarten - what five year old isn't excited about an excuse to have a party and possibly eat cake? Since I'm not teaching right now, I'm very excited that being a Mom gives me a reason to celebrate each holiday to the fullest. R started our Valentine fun by surprising me with heart-shaped cookies a few weekends ago (he made them while I was out shopping), and I've been in a "Valentine" mood since. Last weekend, I decided it would be fun to take a few pictures of Tinkerbell in a super-cute pink fur vest that was given to us before she was born (that's right, pink fur). I also took the opportunity to get out her ladybug costume one more time and pose some pictures with some of my ladybugs. It's getting REALLY hard to take "non-candid" pictures of her, but thanks to Daddy's entertainment, I managed to get a few. K and I also took a few pictures of the girls in their Valentine shirts (thanks, Nana!)
So . . . Happy Valentine's Day from us and our little lovebug :)

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Shyann said...

AAAHHH!! those are SOO cute!! :D I love pink, and those ladybug ones were super cute too!! So Sorry I have to miss her first birthday! SO SAD! OF COUSE, Cheer try-outs had to be the SAME day as her birthday/birthday weekend! But, we won't see her TOO TOO long after that! Love ya! Happy Valentines Day!