Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update on the twins

The boys had head sonograms this week - here is an update from Kimi:

The Doctor (Dr. Benzick, the pediatrician who received the results from the radiologist) says that the boys’ brain bleeds haven’t gotten better, but they are not worse. I’d like to say that that is good news, but that is not how I feel right now. I feel like it is horrible, sad, disappointing news. I guess mostly disappointing. On to the details:
S: His Grade I Interventricular hemmorage on the left side has a slight increase in size, but the doctor was sure to say that this is consistent with a resolving hemmorage.
T: His Grade I Interventricular hemmorage on the left side is resolving and stable in size. Note: the status of “resolving” is good news, since as of the last sono, T’s bleed was not given that status.
Neither of the boys’ cysts is blocking the production of spinal fluid to the brain. Dr. Benzick does not expect there to be any long term developmental problems due to the existence of these bleeds. We will go back for another head ultrasound on Dec 30 or Dec 31.
Does that make sense to anybody out there? That is all the info I got from my phone conversation with the doctor. I think I just go into shock upon the early part of the discussion when I hear that they boys are still not better, so I don’t ask questions or process the conversation better. We go to Dr. Benzick for a 2 month checkup on Dec 16, so Rob will get to ask more questions then.
In other news, while we were at the hospital today for the ultrasounds, we went to the lactation room and weighed the boys ourselves on their Medela scale. T weighs 7 lbs 5 oz and S weighs 6 lbs 5 oz. Eight days ago at their checkups they weighed 6lbs 10 oz and 5 lbs 10 oz respectively. This means that they have each gained more than the “required” ounce a day. Eleven ounces in 8 days to be precise. Good job mommy, daddy, Grandma, and boys for the group effort in keeping them fed!
Please pray that these next three weeks will bring total healing to the boys’ brains. I really want to get a clean report after the next sonogram.

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