Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Move

I've been taking a lot of video lately because it seems like Tinkerbell is changing faster than I can keep up! She has transitioned from rolling around on the floor to army crawling and rocking on her hands and knees to crawling and even pulling to stand in just the last month!

I noticed a few things while watching that I thought would be fun to note - first, and most important, I love how she cracks herself up! I hope that as she grows older, she is more like her Dad than me in this way and can always laugh at herself. Second, she has some crazy abs! Of course I would too if every time I lay on the floor I held both my head and feet up in the air(maybe I should follow her lead on this one). . . Please also note that we're constantly enticing her with the remote - this is because she is no longer motivated by toys or things that she is allowed to have - only things that are "not for babies" (as I am now constantly saying to her!)

Also, just a few notes for other parents who shoot video of their kids with lessons I am learning:
1) Don't talk too much while filming (really, as little as possible) - you will inevitibly sound stupid to yourself and wish you could somehow mute your voice and still hear your child doing whatever you were trying to video.
2) Clean (or at least straighten) the room you're in before you start to record. Who wants a pile of laundry immortalized along with your child's memories?
3) If you have dogs, put them outside/crate them before recording. They are ALWAYS in the way and somehow seem to show their backsides in the video - not the most attractive, especially if you're on the floor. (Sorry boys, not your turn to be the star of the show)

So, here's the video. It's about six minutes long, and probably only really entertaining to the grandparents, but I had fun making it :)


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So true-- especially about the voice....I HATE to hear myself on tape!

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