Friday, September 5, 2008

Five Months

Tinkerbell was five months old last Thursday, and we've had quite the month! My niece started spending Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with us while K is back at work, which is going to be fun. I have a new respect and appreciation for parents of multiples - I don't know how they do it 24/7! We're blessed to be so close to family, and excited that they will get to spend so much time together. I introduced Tink's first vegetable (sweet potatoes) a few weeks ago, which she loved. We're trying butternut squash this week and will move on to a fruit next week. She's a great eater, and it's really fun to see her face when she tries new foods :) She has also started to roll completely over! I was really excited about this new skill, but have realized that it makes her "mobile" - not my favorite! The days of laying her down on a blanket and walking away are OVER! She is also getting alot better at grasping things and bringing them to her mouth, which is equally scary - baby proofing, here we come! My favorite thing that she has learned lately is reaching out for someone or something she wants. It's fun to watch her see something and be able to get it by herself. I love it when she sees me and reaches out her little arms to be picked up - it completely melts my heart! She has also become fascinated with the dogs, which they are none too thrilled about, but they've got it coming after all the "kisses" they've been stealing before she could do anything about it! Here are a few pictures from this month - I'll try to post video soon.

First day together

Five Months Old!

OK, I'm done now. . .

You hold him, Daddy,
so I can pet him!


Shyann said...

Oh my gosh she's bigger than the elephant!!:) I can't wait to see her do all of her little "skills" she has!! :)

Andrea said...

So cute!! I love her with the elephant!

Julie said...

I can't believe she is getting so big! She's growing like a weed! And she is just adorable!