Sunday, August 24, 2008

"The Happiest Place on Earth"

We got to take a short vacation with my parents last weekend and decided to visit Orlando. We didn't make any official plans because we were supposed to be going just to "relax". Of course, we ended up running around most of the weekend (apparently, we are terrible at relaxing!) We enjoyed shopping, eating, and playing cards (R's favorite new pastime). I also read a lot, which was wonderful - we were very lucky to have Nana and Papa along to help - I decided it's the only way to travel with a baby! We didn't officially visit Mickey and Minnie - Tink should be old enough to appreciate it before we make that venture. We did, however, visit Downtown Disney for some shopping and fun pictures - a preview of what's to come some day! R and I are huge kids, so we can't wait to go back for the full-blown version of our family vacation to The Happiest Place on Earth. . .

Looking out the window with Daddy

We loved the princess section of the Disney store!

Notice the excitement. . .

Family Photo Op :)

Snuggling with Tinkerbell


The Kennedy's said...
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Andrea said... fun!! glad you had a good time.

kellie said...

Adorable!! What a precious vacation! Glad you got to have some reading time! Love you!