Monday, November 5, 2007

Ready or Not. . .

Apparently, this is the way moms share the adventure of having children with anyone who loves them (or their children) enough to listen. . . I figured I better get started! We found out on Tuesday that we're having a girl! We had so much fun watching the sonogram and can't wait to meet her! The sono tech. commented on how much she was moving her mouth during the sonogram, to which R commented, "Yep, she's just like her Mom!" (very funny).
I also felt her move for the first time during my niece's choir concert on Saturday, which was very exciting! She must have known that her very cool older cousin was performing and didn't want to miss it.

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Groovewoman's World said...

I had no idea you were pregnant. Kellie must be slacking cause she didn't tell me.

I am so happy for you guys! You will LOVE motherhood. It is the best thing in the world. I have been so blessed with being able to stay home with Japheth. I get to see all of the new stuff he is learning and doing. Its so Amazing!
Oh you haven't seen him yet. Girl we need to get together for dinner or something so you guys can meet him.

Holler at me if you have any questions. I am sure you are getting and the free unsolicited information you need or ever wanted... cause people just LOVE to give a pregnant women information even if you don't know them & even when you don't ask for it. It's frustrating. I learned just to smile, nod and run away as fast as I could! haaa, haa!! :)