Monday, June 2, 2014

May was such a fun month!
1. Ryan and I started the month with a short trip to West Palm Beach - I haven't been able to join him on business trip in quite awhile, and it was such a treat! We also took a few days to visit friends in Orlando, and take a peek at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
2. This kid is really into dressing up right now. Usually it's hats and shoes, but this time, Mr. Potato Head glasses were just the thing.
3. We got to take Ryan's parents with us to Sea World, and had a wonderful time - perfect weather, the kids had a blast with the rides and shows, and we enjoyed a night on the Riverwalk.
4. Apparently, when you're 18 months old, you can handle your own luggage, thank you very much...
5. J saw these sunglasses and I couldn't resist. He kept looking at us funny when we called him "Maverick" :)
6. Tink and J were invited to our church carnival by sweet friends, and had SUCH a fun time! We are so blessed to be loved by friends, especially without family nearby.
7. Sometimes, being the smallest just isn't fair... (We just moved this loft bed into J's room. After his first night, he told us that sleeping in it was "brilliant"). Yes, the ladder is missing. There's now a climbing rope in its place, much to the dismay of the aforementioned smallest one.
8. The fourth "peanut's" first picture!
9. You know "times have changed" when your six year old sees something out the window and quickly grabs your phone to take a picture of it.

Just a few other May happenings:
Mother's Day was such a treat! Ryan and the kids made my FAVORITE breakfast in bed (lemon ricotta pancakes), showered me with sweet gifts, and I took a nap after church - couldn't have asked for a better day!
Before our Sea World trip, I got to fly to New Braunfels for a few days away with one of my very closest friends. It was such a wonderful time that we decided we need to do it more often!
The kids survived swim lessons during the coldest week of May - our swim instructor is fantastic and they were troopers, but I don't know that you could have convinced me to get in with them...

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