Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Fun Part 2

Another great part of summer is taking trips to see Nana and Papa! The kids enjoy trips to Cherry Berry and Kiddie Park, visiting Grandad, and playing with their cousins.
Nana and Papa also came to our house for a visit! The kids love having them here and soak up every minute. Nana always brings fun things like beads and snake bubbles!
We spent quite a bit of time in the water! We played in the baby pool and sprinkler and met friends at the splash pad and Trophy Club pool.
 Summer afternoons are perfect for tea parties :)
 Tink got to visit the American Girl cafe with her friend, S! They had a great time and Tink has been busy planning her 5th birthday party :)
Tink also tackled swim lessons - this was a challenge for her for the last two summers, and the teachers at Carroll Aquatics Center took extra time to work with her. She made great strides and we were really proud of her and thankful for their extra time and effort.
 Summer toes :)
 Around here, it doesn't get much better than spending the day in your PJs and turning up the music!
Now that Bug is potty trained, he is convinced that pants are overrated (which could have something to do with making the bathroom process more complicated, but he is a boy, so it could be personal preference). Either way, rain boots are a must!
R and I have made an effort lately to bring one of the kids along on evening or weekend errands, and they love spending time with us one-on-one. Tink and I happened to pass a snow ball stand one afternoon, and couldn't resist. Such a fun Mommy Daughter treat!

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