Monday, January 30, 2012

The Toe Pictures

WARNING - if you have a weak stomach, you should stop and skip this post. Some people asked what Bug's toe looked like, so I thought I would share. It's also almost unbelievable. I don't know that I would have believed my son's toe actually looked that bad unless I saw it myself. I didn't originally intend to create a photo diary of the progression of the infection - sounds crazy. I started with one picture so that I could defend my decision to take him to the doctor on Friday afternoon :) We later took another picture to compare the two. When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that the pictures were helpful and suggested that we continue to take them so that different doctors or nurses on call could understand the progression. So, here you have it - Bug's staph infection in pictures.
 Friday, 12:45pm - not normal, but not emergency. If he hadn't complained about it, I don't know that I  would have noticed it.
 Friday, 2:00pm - at the doctor's office - a little more red and swollen
 Friday, 10pm - Urgent Care - so swollen that the skin is starting to look shiny. his toenail was also really yellow at this point and the redness was well onto his foot
 Saturday 1:00am - hospital - that's a BIG toe!
 Saturday 1:00pm - swelling seems to have slowed, but around the toenail looks pretty bad
 Saturday 7:00pm - swelling is better, but toe still getting worse
 Sunday 8:00am - yes, that's his actual toe
Sunday 8:30am - immediately after being lanced
 Monday 8:00pm - slowly but surely...
Tuesday 2:30pm - As soon as they let him get down and walk around, he fell and knocked all of the skin and his toenail off. It looks terrible, but I was glad to have all of that gross skin gone! I was really worried about secondary infection with all of that new pink skin, but he was fine.
 Wednesday 1:30 pm
 Thursday 9:00am
Friday 8:00pm - still looks gross, but most of the swelling is gone

The doctor told us that his toenail might or might not grow back because the infection could have gotten into the nailbed, but I am very happy to report that a teeny, tiny toenail is currently growing.

Congratulations, you have now satisfied your gross quota for the year :)

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