Monday, August 15, 2011

Swim Lessons

Tink took swim lessons last year with her Daddy. She had a good time, but was still pretty timid in the water. I knew this year might be a challenge, so I looked for something a little smaller than the next step at the same place. I signed her up for lessons with Lori Black - a certified instructor who holds lessons in her pool with six kids of the same age, and I was hopeful. I was definitely right about it being a challenge, and the first few days were spent in tears. As a Mom, I was torn between pulling her out and waiting until she was older, and making her push through it. After talking to R, the latter won, and we continued lessons. We spent lots of time talking about it and reassuring her that she could do it - I even spent an afternoon with her in our swimsuits in the bathtub! By the end of the second week, she was (hesitantly) putting her face in the water, and swimming with assistance. She even chose to jump off the side of the pool at the end of the last lesson! I was so proud of her for doing what she was asked and pushing through, even though she was scared. She was very proud as well, and still asks me to tell people that she "didn't cry under water". We ended lessons with a trip to Sonic for a much deserved slush (which were such a hit that they became an occasional afternoon treat).

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